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x4055932 - Semen Available

The first calf to be born here by the immortal Double Duty 6294.  He was first then and has left a legendary mark on herd since.  Exceptional birth to weaning to yearling spreads coupled with superior carcass traits made 32 an easy choice to incorporate into a line breeding program.  His maternal side leaves nothing to be desired, she is one of the stoutest made, biggest middled, easiest keeping cows to ever walk the place.


x4118016 - Semen Available

The lead bull in our 2006 Champion Kansas Beef Expo pen of three  and National Western pen and a calf we felt so strongly about we wouldn’t let him leave the place.  To this day, he is one of the highest scanning calves we have produced, and his progeny appear to be made the same.  His first heifer calf to sell is now at Cyclone Trace Cattle Co., Clarion, IA.  Like his sire and grandsire, 5323 produces tremendously predictable birthweights, but leaves nothing to be desired on the performance end.


x3968942 - Semen Available

The true Shorthorn birthweight solution.  From first calf to hit the ground to the last, 6294 was a changer.  He broke the mold of a calving ease bull, 6294s calves hit the ground on the run and never looked back.  As so many true light birthweight bulls are one dimensional, 6294 could knock 10-15 lbs. of birthweight and still index weaning weights equal to or higher than his counterparts.  His affects will live on for a many years to come through the absolutely exceptional daughters he left us with.



x4144999 - Semen Available

Jakes Proud Jazz meets RB Eagle 148, consistency and functionality.   We fell in love with this calf after seeing him and his mother at 5 months old, he was a tank and she is all that you want a mama cow to be.  This little guy continues to collect admirers, a 5 frame with an 81 lb. birthweight, and out of what is rapidly becoming one of the most predictable sires in the breed.  We think he is the future  cornerstone of our program.  Possessing style, body, and shear mass, he truly is the bridge between commercial acceptability and showring appeal.




7013s sire, JR Legacy 23G, was not here long, but his impact was felt.  7013 exhibits the extremely deepsided, long bodied, free moving traits his sire possessed.  Combined with his mothers outcrossed genetics(Eskimo Joe/Blue Gate female) and it easy to see why this calf has a bright future.


x4143276 - Semen Available

The newest kid on the block, we think 4508 has tons of potential.  Ultra low birthweight, mass, and style.  His mother is picture perfect in everyway; solid red, moderate framed and super easy keeping.  His sire, Kenmar President 26A, what needs to be said?  An icon of real world practicality.  Efficient, deep sided, and heavy muscled, it is no wonder he made a name for himself over thirty years ago.

Owned with Kaper Cattle Company, Watseka, IL.